Webinar: Stop and Shift, Karen Millsap

April 03, 2020
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


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This powerful keynote will inspire you to master your mindset, helping you get mentally stronger and let go of excess weight like stress, overwhelming thoughts, disappointment, and anxiety. Why is this important? Because what you do with your mind directly translates to the rest of your life. Basically, when you think better you live better.

This simple, yet powerful, technique explains how to let go of negative thought cycles and move to more productive and positive thinking - STOP & SHIFT. Stop & Shift is a mindfulness exercise designed to help improve your thinking to make better choices and subsequently create a healthier + happier life. Most of all, you will be moved to take action to directly impact your quality of life and the lives you touch.

Your Captain
Karen Millsap, Mindset Mastery Coach, Karen Millsap