2020 Pre-Conference Sessions

Pre-Conference Sessions

Making a Case for Certification (CPSM)

Monday, March 16 | 1:00-2:00pm

Have you ever wondered where your career is headed? Do you have the skill-set and determination to succeed in marketing professional services for the built environment, but feel like something is still missing? We will explore answers to these questions and present the case for CPSM certification. We will discuss how certification can provide benefits on a professional and personal level. We will examine the six domains of practice and how the knowledge and understanding of these principles can lead to a fulfilling and successful career.

If obtaining CPSM certification is something you’ve been thinking about or wanting to learn more about before committing to purchasing the books and study guide, please join us for this interactive session to learn what it takes to prepare, process and pass the certification exam.

Your Captains

Michelle Erste, CPSM, and Kim Thompkins, FSMPS, CPSM


SERC Society Volunteer Forum

Monday, March 16 | 2:00-4:00pm

Are you an SMPS chapter volunteer? Whether you’re a member of your chapter’s board, a committee chair, a committee member, or interested in volunteering, this session is for you.

Join SMPS staff, leaders, and volunteers from local chapters to collaborate and extend your network. During the forum participants will explore:

  • Common challenges chapter volunteers face
  • The Society’s future
  • How to leverage HQ
  • Ways to transform the member experience


Your Captains

Michael Geary, SMPS CEO, SMPS At-Large Director, Antonio Payne, SMPS CFO, Barbara Stiles, SMPS Secretary-Treasurer


Cosential’s Best Features for Driving Adoption

Monday, March 16 | 2:00-4:00pm

Attendees will learn more about Cosential’s newest features and system improvements that are helping Overall Firm Administrators (OFAs) drive adoption at their firms. During our session we’ll cover:

  • Cosential for Outlook (CFO)
  • Cosential Card Reader Mobile App
  • Integrations
  • Publisher In-Design Batch Processing


Your Captain

Chaz Ross-MunroCPSM, Professional Services Manager, Cosential