Educational Session

There’s No Cryin’ In Marketing

Battery A March 7, 2018 10:15 am - 11:30 am

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Julie Shaffer, CPSM

Play in a League of Your Own with These Seven Graphic Design Principles


With demanding deadlines and limited resources, many AEC marketers don’t have time to think about submittal design that graphically complements the message and is visually compelling for the reader while still responding to the requirements of the RFQ/RFP. This session will focus on the seven graphic design principles relevant to our industry with visual examples and software applications that support strong design.

By consistently using the graphic design principles below, you can be in a league of your own with winning submittals!

  • Proximity – grouping page elements to help visually guide the reader
  • Repetition – repeating graphic elements to reinforce the message
  • Alignment – lining up elements to organize and balance the message
  • Contrast – diversifying color/style to support the message
  • Color – creating a color palette to complement the message
  • Typography – understanding the basics of good typography and which fonts complement each other
  • White Space – avoiding clutter and using white space as a powerful design element