Pre-Conference Session

Society Volunteer Forum

Foxfire March 18, 2019 2:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Michael V. Geary, CAE

Are you an SMPS chapter volunteer? Whether you’re a member of your chapter’s board, a committee chair, a committee member, or interested in volunteering, this session is for you.

Join SMPS staff, leaders and volunteers from the chapters in the region to collaborate and extend your network. During the forum participants will explore:

  • The Society’s future
  • How to leverage HQ
  • Implementing our new brand
  • Ways to transform the member experience


The following SMPS Headquarters staff will be attending this session and the conference:

  • Michael Geary, CAE – Chief Executive Officer
  • Tina Myers, CAE – Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Lauren Waldron – Assoc. Marketing Director
  • Matthew McFadden – Member Engagement Coordinator