PLODDING AND PLOTTING: How to Move Ahead in Life and Business

March 7, 2017 8:15 am - 9:15 am

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Susan Murphy

In this talk, Susan Murphy begins by taking the audience through her formative years (which are still going on) and shows how she first established her career goals by daydreaming, which she highly recommends, and how she ended up with the perfect job for her.

Susan shows how plodding along, with no plot in mind except to earn a living, led her step-by-step to jobs that moved her closer to today.  She worked in all sorts of positions along the way, including high school teacher, international tour director, Marketing executive in the Travel Industry, and now, the dual role of communication skills coach and advice columnist.

Susan shows the audience how she married the plodding with plotting – taking action – to go places she didn’t even know existed.  She will tell you, in hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking detail, about the moments she made decisions or reacted to decisions forced upon her, and where that led her.  She will tell you about her major fails and how she dealt with them. She will talk about those who tried to stop her and those who lifted her up. She will insist that growth does not ever end.

Throughout this tale of a girl and then woman who could just not deal with inauthenticity, you will hear how she took her strengths and enhanced them and moved beyond her weaknesses, some of which still make her shudder at the memory.  You will learn how she accidently “branded” herself because of a complaint a dear friend made about her bossiness. She will explain why she doesn’t do traditional marketing of herself, and why she won’t spend money for a slicker website.

Susan will share some of the tools she used which apply to anyone with the desire to pick them up and use them.  She dearly wants everyone to be as “lucky” as she has been and will give you ideas to enhance your life and your job, no matter what your current circumstances.

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