Keynote Address

Opening Keynote & Breakfast: Marketing on a Mission

Battery B-C March 6, 2018 8:00 am - 9:30 am

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Tim Asimos

How Savvy Marketers Earn Trust, Get Buy-In, Secure Bigger Budgets, and Move Their Firms Forward

In the A/E/C industry, marketing has a marketing problem. Partially through our own fault, our value has been
marginalized by failing to effectively demonstrate our ability to affect organizational growth and continuously communicate our value.
It’s led to the perception of marketing as a reactionary, order-taking support department that’s measured solely by its outputs rather than
its impact. Attaining the position of trusted advisor and gaining buy-in for innovative ideas can sometimes feel like an insurmountable
hurdle. But here’s the deal: savvy marketers don’t just focus on to-do lists and churn out more marketing “stuff.” Instead, they champion
initiatives that tightly align with their firm’s highest strategic objectives and maintain a singular focus on driving growth. And they’ve
shifted their mindset—from tactical to transformational, from reactive to proactive and from outputs to outcomes. In this presentation,
you’ll discover tangible and practical strategies for transforming the marketing norm at your firm by taking a smarter, growth-driven
approach that gains buy-in (and budget) for your ideas and earns your firm’s trust (and respect) along the way.