Educational Session

Leading your way out of the Proposal RAT RACE!

Pilot March 19, 2019 9:45 am - 11:00 am

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Russ Sanford, CPSM

We’ve all experienced the frustration. You’re a proposal coordinator at a firm that employs a shot-gun approach to project pursuits. It’s Friday afternoon. A senior technical person walks into your office and says, “We just learned about this Request for Proposal. It’s perfect for us. We can do this work. And, it’s due next Wednesday at noon.” You let out a heavy sigh knowing that your company’s win rate on proposals is really low, but the technical people just won’t listen to your suggestions on how to improve. Oh, and your weekend has just disappeared, AGAIN!

Russ has led multiple A/E/C firms to to develop formalized proposal processes that can eliminate the high-volume, low-success RAT RACE of project pursuits. He will provide a case study example from Kleinschmidt, and how they increased their win rate from 43% to 67% based on $ amount.