Educational Session

Get Your Game On: Facilitate That Meeting!

Niekro Room March 6, 2018 9:45 am - 11:00 am

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Karen Chin

Quick! Everyone look at your calendar for the week. I can guarantee you have at least one meeting to attend and possibly lead. Almost
every day, we are called into meetings, meetings and more meetings. It feels like we waste hours of our day skyping-in to a meeting or
sitting in a conference room listening to someone else talk about a process or item that doesn’t pertain to us. Our days are filled with
busy-ness and we wind up staying late or working overtime just to make up for the time lost in our meetings.

How can we find those extra minutes so we can we can live more balanced in this game of life? How can we do our jobs better or
faster? We can fix that. Let’s figure out a way to have fewer, more effective meetings that arrive at better conclusions and more
informed decisions. We will delve into:

  • Begin: Prepared, focused and on time.
  • Teamwork! Collaborate! who needs to step up to the plate?
  • Speedwork: get more accomplished in 10 minutes than an hour.
  • Foul Play! What happens when one person tries to take over?
  • End strong! Make it actionable.
  • Positivity: Create a win-win-win scenario.

We will also talk briefly about how to make it better as an attendee. The session will be interactive with several scenarios about dealing
with the real struggles of facilitating.