Educational Session

Build a Braver You

Niekro Room March 7, 2018 8:45 am - 10:00 am

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Deirdre Gilmore, CPSM
Grenee Martacho-Celuch, CPSM

Being brave is something that doesn’t come easily to many of us. That’s because bravery isn’t a trait we’re born with, it’s a learned attribute and one that comes from experience. To be brave, you have to be able to look within, and confront the fears that hold you back.

Bravery is mental toughness, knowledge, and confidence all wrapped up into one trait. Do you want to move up in your career? Be a better leader for your firm or department? You need bravery when you take on new tasks, be more productive confronting others, and overcome your fears of not being perfect. In this session you will learn how to take small steps to becoming more brave and the seven steps to get you started into action on a daily basis. Bravery is a muscle – the more often you work it, the stronger it gets!

We’re talking about fears, emotions, courage…we’re talking about Building a Braver You! These are all things we know are important, but rarely mention or take into consideration in our career or lives. Believe it or not, bravery is not something you’re born with and it’s not something you acquire overnight. Like all desirable traits, it’s something you work at developing. Bravery doesn’t care what industry you are in, it doesn’t care about your title, and it doesn’t care if you’re using it in your career or personal life. Bravery is about understanding risks and taking them on, whether in your career or personal life.