Become a LinkedIn All Star…..and Use it to Market Like One!

March 8, 2017 8:45 am - 10:00 am

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Cyndi Gundy

LinkedIn is here to stay! It’s a great way to make new connections. It’s good for keeping in touch with clients.     It’s how we monitor what’s going on in our industry and our network.  It’s a powerful recruiting tool.

It’s also intimidating…or at least it can be. This workshop is packed with tips for building and maintaining your professional presence online, both for yourself and your firm. Learn how to make new connections, promote your firm and get your technical staff to participate in doing the same.

Developing AND maintaining a strong presence online are simple ways (notice I didn’t say easy) to be relevant in today’s marketplace, among clients and potential employees, 2 groups we all wish to appeal to.

Takaways/learning outcomes

Identify the many benefits of using LinkedIn to market your firm

Learn strategies for creating a polished profile / company page on LinkedIn

Discuss strategies for promoting your firm on LinkedIn

Develop an understanding of how to champion a collaborative approach to using LinkedIn across your firm – from technical staff to C suite.