Educational Session

AEC Moneyball: Finding Hidden Value for Potential Clients

Battery A March 6, 2018 11:20 am - 12:35 pm

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Ryan Suydam

Every good firm can see the obvious ways to create and communicate value when proposing to a potential new client. Take one from Billy Beane: develop a method to find hidden value no other team sees. Clients select the firm that best demonstrates an understanding of their needs and situation – you need to understand their needs better than anyone else. When you do, you look different, better, and you’ll win. During this interactive session, you will learn a technique, Client Empathy Mapping, that enables practitioners to quickly recognize opportunities for differentiation by discovering hidden value.

We combine several CUSTOMER experience strategies and translate them to the unique needs of CLIENT businesses. Client Empathy Mapping merges processes used in designing service with user experience tools from software development. We’ve added additional innovations to create a quick, simple way to think like your clients. Whether building a formal empathy map over several hours, or doing a quick “empathy sprint” in five minutes, the process is simple, teachable, and powerful!

Like an advanced scouting report and secret formulas to assess potential value, your firm will more consistently deliver in the clutch, surprising the Big Market Team as you win work out from under their nose.